5 Reasons why People want to Volunteer for your Non-Profit

Posted on November 25, 2011


  A recent study indicated that, in 2010,  over 60 million people in the United States volunteered at least once. Be that organization where people want to volunteer.  With new technology, there are so many different possibilities. There is virtual volunteering which takes place in the micro or macro form. There is also skill-based volunteering and then there is the volunteering of mundane, mindless jobs. We have all been involved in at least one of the above. Regardless of the type of work,  there are 5 reasons why people want to volunteer for your non-profit:

1. Because you offer different types of volunteer opportunities. According to a study of Millenials, 85% of people cite time as a roadblock to volunteering. Offer virtual and in-person tasks and tasks that take up small and large chunks of time.

2. Because you allow volunteers to use their skills. With the current baby boomer generation retiring, there will be an abundance of healthy, educated and skilled volunteers available from which you can recruit. Additionally, young professionals (Millenials) also want to give back by applying their knowledge. Find a way to capture them all.

3. Because you support your volunteers with the tools and resources they need. Skilled volunteers come from the workforce, where they have online and offline resources available to make their jobs easier. By providing the same types of resources, the transition from day job to volunteer job will appear seamless.

4. Because you communicate with your volunteers. Volunteers want to feel connected to your cause. The more engaged they are, the more time they will spend working for you. Your volunteers want to know how their work has impacted your non-profit. Create a volunteer newsletter which outlines all of the great work they are doing. In fact, this newsletter could be produced and edited by volunteers.

5. Because you say “Thank You”. Most non-profits list all of their donors in the annual report, categorized by the amount of money they have donated. Very few do the same for people who donate their time. By including your volunteers in your annual report, you will demonstrate their true value to your non-profit.